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BREAKING (Jan.13): The militia-affiliated officer that PG City Watch has been working to hold to account…is GONE!!! This is a people-powered victory that shows that when work together to demand safer communities — we can win them!

The cadre of people who supported the storming of state capitols across the country are *not* welcome to patrol in Monterey County. However, there is *still* not a strong commitment from PG City Council to an investigation of the department, our second demand. The struggle to defend our communities continues.

A special shout out to Community Before Cops and to everyone who signed the petition and showed up to City Council!

Watch the PGPD Chief’s announcement:

Three Percenters, a racist anti-government militia and identified hate group, have been discovered within the Pacific Grove Police Department.

Photo of white truck parked in city parking lot with decals. License plate has been blurred out.

In late May 2020 Pacific Grove residents observed the officer’s personal vehicle emblazoned with Three Percenters racist anti-government militia and anti-LGBT decals, parked in the City’s employee parking lot.

Although widely reported by local news media, the officer has faced no disciplinary action, and is currently patrolling our streets while enjoying the protection Chief Cathy Madalone.

Why is this important?

Allowing anti-government militia to infiltrate and operate within the Police Department:

  • Endangers the citizens of Pacific Grove
  • Is a liability to the City
  • Violates PGPD’s Law Enforcement Officer Code of Ethics
  • Undermines the credibility of the Police Department as a whole

As residents, employees, visitors, and tax payers in the City of Pacific Grove, we deserve to feel safe and protected. We will not be policed by anti-government militia.

What decals were displayed on the officer’s vehicle?

From left to right:

Close up photo of decal depicting the bear symbol from California's state flag along with a white circle around it with the words "California Three Percenters."

Three-Percenters: An American far-right militia movement and paramilitary group advocating armed resistance to the U.S. federal government. In recent years with Trump’s presidency they have directed their hostility at other perceived foes including Muslims and immigrants. Three Percenters have been active in the resistance to Black Lives Matter protests over the May 2020 killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. They have a history of criminal activity, ranging from weapons violations to terrorist plots and attacks, and provided security for white supremacists during the Charlottesville, Virginia protests. (Learn more about the Three Percenters from the Anti-Defamation League.)

Close up photo of decal showing an image of the Statue of Liberty, an automatic rifle, a beer mug, and Donald J. Trump along with the words "Liberty" "Gun" "Beer" and "Trump."

“LIBERTY, GUN, BEER, TRUMP” (LGBT):  This decal mocks and marginalizes the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. (Learn more about Liberty Gun Beer Trump imagery from NBC News.)

Photo close-up of decal showing a white skull design inside two concentric circles with the words "Molon Labe" repeated twice.

Punisher/“Molon Labe”: Molon Labe meaning “come and take [them]” is a classic expression of armed defiance to the government. Gun-rights advocates have adopted the phrase as a challenge to the perceived threat of governmental firearms confiscation. (Learn more about the Punisher from the Daily News, Task & Purpose, and Truthout.)

“An outcome of the investigation into the police officer with the 3% sticker must result in absolute assurance that all citizens, workers and guests of the city of Pacific Grove will be treated with respect and safety by all police officers at all times. Given the extreme nature of the organizations he belongs to and the affiliations with white supremacists, he has no business being on the streets of the city…Please do not minimize the sense of danger and stress that such a person on the police force of P.G. creates for people of color. This is not a time for compromise.”

Fred Jealous, a Pacific Grove resident and founder of Breakthrough Men’s Community,
as quoted in Monterey County Weekly

Parler account

In November 2020, we discovered more evidence of the officer’s hateful, extremist beliefs–a verified Parler account. The account “@MAGS3PER” contained damaging information that confirms this officer’s beliefs with posts such as “FUCK ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’” and “Free Kyle Rittenhouse.” See screenshots of his full Parler account history below (or download the PDF).

We shared this information with a member of the PG City Council and then, we presume, it was shared with the Chief. Mysteriously only hours after we contacted the city councilmember, the officer’s Parler account was deleted. At the same time, his Facebook account was deleted.

Chief Madalone held a press conference on the matter. At the conference, the Chief announced that the officer has again been placed on paid administrative leave while a second investigation will be conducted. During the press conference she also made efforts to minimize the severity and number of his Parler posts and suggested that the account could have been created by an impersonator. As you can see from the screenshots, there was more than one offensive post. In addition, the account underwent the Parler Citizen Verification, which requires the account holder to take photos front and back of a government-issued ID along with a selfie using a webcam. The account handle mentions “3per” referring to Three Percenters, an organization whom he claimed to be unfamiliar with during the first investigation.

The Chief’s pattern of defending the officer in question continues as she hides behind ignorance to his behavior in her small department.

What can I do?

1. Sign the petition

Contact the mayor and city council

2. Tell your neighbors

Help me remove a hate group affiliated officer from the Pacific Grove Police Department. Learn more and sign the petition

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